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Day and Multi-day hikes that go through the Atlas Mountains

Tour du Mont Toubkal Hiking

Mount Toubkal or Jebel Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, and North Africa.
Toubkal is apart of the Atlas Mountain Range and is located in the southwestern part of Morocco, about 60 km south of Marrakesh.
It is an ultra prominent peak, the highest for over 2000 km and a popular destination for climbers.

Hiking and Berber Culture

Traveling in the Atlas mountain is not limited to trekking in the high mountains or crossing arduous mountain passes exceeding 3000m altitude... There are regions, like Ouirgane , Assif Zagzawn and Azzaden Valley, which are perfect destinations for travellers who want to get closer to the local culture without breaking an ankle. Experience Atlas Mountain creates trips and itineraries which take you from village to village, meeting local people, in the heart of the agricultural valleys. Admire the impressive landscapes and share moments with lovely local people. Discover what it is really like to live here in remote mountainous Morocco ... Hiking and culture certainly go hand in hand, a combination which leaves unforgettable memories and really is the best way to understand a countrys culture and traditions

Day Walks

If you’re planning a trip to Atlas Mountains, block out time for a day hike. Up here in the mountains, wilderness is only a few minutes away. And there’s no better way to immerse yourself in Atlas Mountains’s mind-blowing landscape than to lace up your hiking boots and get amongst nature.
The best day hikes in and around Atlas Mountains include lakeside village trails, waterfall trails and climbs up to mountain peaks, ranging from 5-8 hours return.